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What we do – products

We’ve developed a range of cutting-edge data collation, analysis and self-serve tools which form the basis for our insight work.  They also enable our clients to access their own data and make informed, customer-led decisions on a day-to-day basis to help make their business a better business.

Getting started with us

If you’re struggling to get a sense of what data & insight opportunities are open to you, we can help.

We can run workshops with your team to help you understand how market-leaders are leveraging customer insight to make better decisions and how this might apply to your business. Some examples of common business challenges include:

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Consulting Products

Customer Centricity Capability Review

Our toolkit assesses an organisation’s key capabilities against those required to become truly customer centric (data, systems, people, process and culture).  Through a series of senior stakeholder interviews, we review the core capabilities and activities of an organisation against industry best practice.

Customer Healthcheck

Our healthcheck is a really fast way for our clients to get a quick but informative read on how their customers are performing and where the really big wins lie for their business.  We take a slug of customer and transaction data and quickly provide clients with the value and behaviours of their customers.  We also identify the key strategic priorities for the business and where data will help to meet objectives.

Bespoke Customer Insight Tools

Not everything needs to come off the shelf.  We design bespoke tools that meet the specific and varied needs of our clients, for example:

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Data Products

Working closely with our Consulting Team we design and build innovative solutions using our clients’ data which they can then use to create new revenue streams for their business or just help them collaborate more effectively with their broader network and suppliers.  These products range from reports based on a clients’ own data to provide deeper insights into particular markets or consumer groups, to developing new data variables that other businesses can use to better understand their own customers.

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Insight Products


It’s easy enough to identify your most profitable customers.  But how do you identify your highest-potential customer groups?

ValveTM looks at more than pure revenue when interrogating your customer base.  It captures external market data to demonstrate wider consumer behaviour and helps to build a multidimensional measure of loyalty.

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Do you want to take a peek into your customer’s world beyond the standard performance metrics?  CDNATM will help you to do just that.

This powerful insight tool translates a combination of relevant lifestyle, demographic, and affluence measures into meaningful customer segments, giving our clients a holistic view of their customer base.

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With both of these tools we provide great looking and easy to use dashboards and visualisations so business users can really get stuck into the data themselves.

Marketing Services

Getting the right offer to the right customer in the right way at the right time … easy, right?  Well, with the support of our Marketing Services team it is. If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and boost the return on investment of your marketing spend, we’re the people to ask.

Beyond Analysis is a leader in loyalty. Our team manages programmes, sources offers and rewards, and delivers campaigns for a number of large loyalty programmes.  Our Marketing Services Methodologies, combined with Interaction Manager (our campaign management, design and delivery platform), delivers a truly rewarding proposition for our clients’ customers, boosting brand loyalty and engagement.

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We believe in data for all.  And we’re committed to enabling our clients to understand, interpret and use their own data.

If you want to take a self-service approach, that’s just fine with us: Our Customer OfficeTM solution quickly provides the design methodologies, management frameworks and front-end tool on one easy solution, enabling in-house teams to drive data across their own business.

Fed by insight generated by ValveTM and CDNATM , plus any bespoke solutions, it enables clients to unlock the value of their customer base, adding insight to strategic business decisions and driving powerful customer strategies, communications and experiences.

Your data at your fingertips; how inspiring.

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