Enable superior performance for your business with better, faster, evidence based decisions and actions with our Quick and Easy™ technology.


Cloud based technology solutions and services that quickly put your data and your business to work.

"The Quick and Easy technology enabled us to do same day mapping of the effect of the tube strike. This identified the hot spots driving a £200k drop in sales and enabled us to plan effectively for the next strike mitigating the loss the following day."
"The Quick & Easy™ tool from Beyond Analysis leverages our two greatest assets, our people and our data, leading us towards a data driven transformation of our day-to-day activities."
"Beyond Analysis technology has enabled us to get a deeper understanding of our customer base. Their ability to bring together multiple streams of data - including external transactional data - has led to the creation of functional customer portraits and actionable loyalty strategies that will help us stay ahead of the game in the increasingly competitive Singapore retail landscape."
"The Quick and Easy platform has transformed the way we think about data and insights in the business. We're finally starting to get information and insights out to where they matter on the front line of our business."

Experience the benefits

Informed holistic decisions

Information at your fingertips. Keep your business' big picture in mind with the right information always to hand.

Implement strategies faster

Collaborate, act and measure. Enable your teams with evidence based insights and the tools to share these so they can make decisions and act faster.

Operational efficiencies

Quickly see profit/loss drivers. Immediately identify performance of your customers, stores and product categories.

Increased team productivity

Information at the point of action,
up to date information on every store, category and customer group, available when your teams need to know, wherever they are.

Innovate more effectively

Solve the right challenges.
Apply root cause analysis of your key performance metrics and behaviours to your planning processes so your teams are immediately targeting the right underlying challenges.

Quick & Easy™

Right data, right time

Replace multiple data sources, mountainous spreadsheets and restrictive reporting. Our Quick & Easy™ technology delivers the single version of the truth providing robust and reliable information that your business users can trust.

Information at the point of action

Keep the whole business on track of outcomes

One source of the truth for your business. Teams all speaking the same language. Integrated with collaboration tools so everyone can spot opportunities and share ides. Continuous, up to the minute measurement keeps the whole business on track of outcomes.

Information at the point of action
Ready for BI and insight

Ready for BI and insight

Empower your stakeholders by making hard facts quicker and easier to discover

Meet your BI and Insight team objectives. Deliver your key customer insights and intelligence quickly and effectively. Enable them to put data to work™ to grow your business.

Data management and governance maintained

Free your data without jeopardising quality and control

Cloud based technology and world class security allows you to free your data across the business without jeopardising quality and control.

Data management and governance maintained
Minimised support and training costs

Minimised support and training costs

Self-drive discovery and ready to go analysis

Best in class automated analytics. Beautiful visualisations bring your information to life. Quick and Easy™ reduces training and support needs with self-drive discovery and ready to go analysis. Users can meet their own needs in their own time frames to make faster decisions.

Simplified and humanised

Making hard facts quicker and easier to discover

Elegantly designed, bite-sized, and easily digestible visualisations ensure that everyone in your business can participate. Quick & Easy™ takes the guess work out of decision making by making hard facts quicker and easier to discover.

Simplified and humanised