Research tells us that

expect to face increased competition from start-ups enabled by data.

believe that data is changing traditonal business boundaries.

report that their data is becoming a core component of market value

Businesses putting their data to work™
are outperforming their competitors.


as likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance.


more likely to make faster decisions than the competition.


more likely to
execute decisions as intended.

And this is translating into financial success


EBITDA growth.


more profitable than
their competition.


more productive than
their competition

"In retail, big data has the potential to increase margins by 60%"

Mckinsey Global Institute

Our clients succeed through The Aggregation of
Marginal Gains


uplift in sales across targeted stores through tailored opening hours.


sales through incremental travel bookings over the last 7 years.


uplift in response rates through targeted communications.


omni-channel transactions consolidated into market intelligence tool.

However, using data is fraught with challenges. One study shows
55% of big data projects don't get completed.

Our solutions hit the challenges head-on

Purpose Fit Data.

Identification and prioritisation of only the most relevant data to unlock data paralysis.

One truth Enablement.

Aggregation and simplification of all relevant data to align internal disciplines behind one shared view.

Activate Everywhere.

Unrestricted access democratises customer insight, enabling more effective decision-making at the point of action.

Continuously Improve.

Instantaneous evidence-based measurement evaluates actions to drive ongoing experimentation across teams.

Simplify Everything.

Fast and simple deployment reduces implementation timeframes to eradicate organisational impatience and disappointment.