Performance upgrade with behavioural data

Stay ahead of the market by gearing up your decision making and
investment choices using our world class, award winning analytics team.

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Retained and project based analytics support and solutions to help you get the most from your data.

"For the first time we have a clear picture of our market place and steps we can make to capture more of our customers’ spend."
Marketing Director, UK Fashion Brand
"The work really has resonated brilliantly well through the organisation; there’s “pull” pressure for me to cascade it to pretty much everyone – Designers even asking how it should inform their work…  , the CEO, is wedded to it’s conclusions."
Multi-channel Director, UK Fashion Brand
"The insight from Beyond Analysis will play an integral part in the plans for next year."
Fuels Retailer
"Fact based evidence ensured we secured 100% approval from all the business partners and got buy-in to tailor opening times by locations to suit local patterns which in some case drove almost 5% incremental sales."
Grocery Retailer
"For the first time we were able to see how often our customers were visiting us, who our true competitors are and the performance of our marketing communications."
UK Clothing chain

Know your customer

Identify unmet customer needs and tailor offerings through segmentation.

Successfully target your most profitable customers. Develop campaigns and strategies to extract maximum value from each segment. Effectively allocate resources to product development, marketing, service and delivery programs.

Customer experience

Identify the key points across your customer journey.

Optimise your customer satisfaction and the key drivers behind your NPS performance. Effectively allocate effort and investment to where it will have the greatest long term impact on customer loyalty.

Communications targeting

Increase the relevance of your customer communications.

Manage down your frequency of communications to individual customers, whilst enhancing your response rates. Make your budget go further.

Predictive modelling

Optimise your market spend.

Identify the next best product and customers most likely to respond to an offer. Focus retention activity on customers most likely to churn.

Product ranging

Understand which products matter most to you customers.

Qualify your product sourcing strategy to best meet customer needs. Optimise the placement and merchandising of your stores and channels to deliver on their multi-channel roles.

Our approach to creating competitive advantage ensures your business benefits for the long term

Tailored approach

A tested method to lead clients through the stages of their data journey.

We can help you put your data to work. From organising your data so you are match - fit to play, to optimising your data with segmentations and predictive models which power the actions that will transform your performance.

Actionable deliverables

Understood by the business, with a pragmatic approach to its application.

We recognise that our work is only successful when it is actioned from within your business. We collaborate with you and your data, turning it into bite sized digestible chunks, easily understood by the business making it easy to use and put to work to create value.

Results driven

Everything we do for our clients must drive commercial value.

Whether it be delivering operational efficiencies through optimising your time or delivering bigger returns on your marketing and commercial budgets, our work is always focused with a commercial end goal in mind.