We are here to help you grow your business.

We help transform companies by putting actionable insights from data at the heart of their business. This helps you make smarter decisions, identify and open up new revenue streams and ultimately further enhance corporate value.

Data Strategy

We help you figure out how to use your data to grow your business. Be it the basics of good data collection, through to data monetisation strategies.

Customer Intelligence

We use data to help you understand your business performance from a customer perspective and act on this knowledge.

Data Visualisation

We turn your complex information into bite-sized, digestible infographics so you and your business can quickly and easily get to grips with your customers.

Engagement Strategies

We use data to help our clients develop the optimal engagement strategy so that you know how, when and what to communicate to your customers.

Quick & Easy™ Reporting

Our cloud based solution provides a multi-channel view of your customers at the click of a mouse for everyone in your business.



Paul Alexander @lhrsydjfk 08:51 3 Sep 15

"Retail is at an ‘inflexion point' as big data changes the landscape." Sir Ian Cheshire. #in #ws

Paul Alexander @lhrsydjfk 16:16 2 Sep 15

Clients using Quick & Easy reminds me of Sir Dave Brailsford's "1% gains in absolutely every single thing we do". Adds up to big $£$ #in #ws

Paul Alexander @lhrsydjfk 07:41 2 Sep 15

More wise words from @chrisjohnsavage chrisjohnsavage.com/2015/09/01/the… #in #ws

Beyond Analysis @BeyondAnalysis 12:10 1 Sep 15

"In god we trust; all others must bring Data" - W.E. Deming #ws #data #analytics

Beyond Analysis @BeyondAnalysis 09:00 28 Aug 15

Kicking off the Monocle Series- An eclectic mix of analytical news #1: Machine Learning bit.ly/1LRTlSi #ws pic.twitter.com/YyzX2S2VmP

Paul Alexander @lhrsydjfk 08:21 13 Apr 15

Managed to listen to my Good Morning @BBCRadioWales interview from Friday: goo.gl/dnTE7o. OK if you avoid all of the erms! #ws

Beyond Analysis @BeyondAnalysis 12:32 11 Mar 15

Interesting article on trust and data. shar.es/1fqlYs. #ws

sophie neary @SophieLovesPink 14:46 27 Feb 15

Best leaving card ever *little sniffle* #ws pic.twitter.com/29snjFZVXT